Energizing Tomorrow

Unleashing an Energy Market Revolution
Pioneering Next-Gen Technology for Energy Providers & Consumers

Arctrade Retail eOS

The Energy Operating System empowering next generation retailers with an all-in-one platform.
  • Digitized and Automated Daily Workflow
  • Single Source of Truth (SSOT) Data Management
  • Secure, transparent, and cost-effective

Arctrade SolarUnity

Our community solar program provides a savings opportunity that lasts. We offer a simple and sustainable way to save money on your energy bills, while supporting your local community.
  • Save 5-10% off of your electric bill
  • No roof, no upfront cost, no fees
  • Support local clean power

Arctrade EMS

Learn how Arctrade's Energy Management System can help optimize your DER assets

Energy consumers and businesses, Empowered

Our team, consisting of experienced professionals with deep knowledge in the energy sector, has a strong grasp of every aspect of today's energy market. Moreover, we possess the skills to shape a marketplace that is future-ready. We offer two avenues of assistance for your current business: providing support to enhance its current state, or contributing to its expansion.

We're not just observers – we've actively participated in the ongoing changes within the energy industry. Through collaboration, diligent research, and practical application of ideas, we've gained a wealth of hands-on experience that equips us to design strategies for the energy market's future.

In a rapidly evolving landscape characterized by emerging technologies and evolving consumer preferences, our team excels at identifying opportunities in the market. This ability empowers us to devise effective solutions to present-day challenges while also ensuring your business's continuous growth.

If you're interested in improving your business's current standing or taking it to greater heights, let's have a conversation. By combining our team's expertise with your business aspirations, the sky is the limit.

Transforming the energy industry.
At light speed.

Integrated and autonomous
As operators, we comprehend the intricacies of energy management. That's why our system addresses the complexities of daily operations through seamless integration and autonomous solutions.
Real time
Adapting to shifts in the market is vital within the energy sector. We empower real-time responsiveness to these changes.
We envision a clean future for the energy market. Our platform plays a pivotal role in reaching and surpassing clean energy objectives.

Simplified and accessible for everyone. That is how we like our energy.

Our centralized marketplace ensures that access to the energy market is available to everyone.
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